30 Stunning Purple Bedroom Ideas


Purple color makes for a beautiful and decadent décor appearance with a rich depth of color, and the collection of a purpled-themed bedroom is suitable for having sweet dreams.

From modern minimalist style schemes to romantic retreats and sophisticated, the following are amazing purple bedroom ideas:

1. Light Lavender

A dark headboard won’t just help shine against lighter walls. Corresponding bolster pillows and luxe curtains make for finishing touches.

2. High Ceiling Designs

No purple bedroom will look complete with an addition of the color itself. Decorate the walls with shades that are darker or lighter than the furniture.

3. Purely Luxurious

Among the first things that may come to your mind is how it feels. Adding a matching bed sheet will help create a cohesive feeling that resonates with the entire space.

4. Brave Bold Florals

Dealing with traditional flowers, such as ditsy sprigged prints or chintzy roses. In contrast, a busy pattern print will work best with ultra-modern or ultra-side furniture.

5. Visualize Paint Color

It is a great strategy to decorate with purple, especially when painting the walls. At times, it will help to get visual samples of what the painting project can look like.

6. Create Romantic Boudoirs

With soft flute detailing and shell-inspired designs, this purple bedroom design is great, especially for romantic couples. You can pair this with luxe velvet rugs.

7. Use Various Shades

There are different purple shades you may choose from, like heather, violet, mauve, lilac, iris, and lavender. You may choose the one you prefer or combine several of them.

8. Gray with a Purple Accent

Apart from a purple velvet throw pillow, this idea comes with soothing gray variations, ranging from the tufted headboard to wallpaper.

9. Choose Headboards as a Focal Point

Nothing will add elegance to your bedroom, such as headboards. The best thing about this idea is that it draws attention.

10. Swap in the Linen Bedding

Swap heavier bedding with several linen pillowcases and sheets for a breezier feel and look. This kind of idea can be fee-neutral-toned linens and can draw your attention.

11. Astoria Towers

Astoria Tower is among the modern ways to live in this generation. Most millennials would love to stay in such a bedroom.

12. Incorporate Lighting

Lighting will greatly impact the kind of color you choose, but lighting options for purple bedrooms can make a difference. In general, a warm shade of purple will feel and look warmer with subtle lighting.

13. Teal and Purple Bedroom Ink Pop

This is artsy and colorful and has many details, which can make your space fashion-forward and trendy.

14. Opt for Super Shag

Here, the focal point will have to be a purple shag rug. The simplicity of this idea is that it is awesome, and it’s recommendable for anyone.

15. Think the Plum Way

A delicious plum lacquered wall marks the private quarters of a family. You can incorporate this idea with decorations, like flirty florals.

16. Humble Option

You can paint your bedroom with purple color. This is a sophisticated and elegant way to create a stylish and unique appearance.

17. Dominate the Whole Room with Purple

If you cannot stay without purple, consider throwing caution to the wind and go for all purple bedrooms. This might be a purple bed and wall with several accents of the same color.

18. Go for Purple Accessories

Minimalist bedchambers will be unattractive and stark without the right accessories. You may use purple flowers in a metal container, throw pillows, and pair them with a monochromatic color scheme.

19. Install Faux Fireplace

A real fireplace will look great. But if you don’t have enough space, you can install a faux fireplace.

20. Bring in a Metallic Tone

Subdued dusty plums are forgiving purple to bring adult bedrooms. You may as well ground this décor idea in a grow-up accessory and accent to make it look great.

21. Purple Stripes

Consider getting preppy with purple stripes. A purple and toile wallpaper will add a traditional vibe.

22. Royal Way

If you are looking to feel like you’re from a royalty family, this idea will be a great option. In fact, it can make the room feel like you are staying in a castle.

23. Boho Vibes with Purple Tones

Build up a layer of luxury for an inviting bed. Dusky purples will go well with marine grey to have a harmonious palette.

24. Work with Purple Ceiling

You can modernize a traditional house with purple linen curtains and a ceiling if you have a traditional house.

25. Animal Texture and Print

Individuals looking to add a chic safari vibe to their bedrooms can unleash their animal spirit through interior styles. Those styles can be a modern twist on purple bedroom ideas.

26. Incorporate Furniture

Mirrored furniture will not just add justice to the purple color. It will also enrich the color.

27. Cozy Plaid

Warm up the space with throw pillows and headboard using a soft wool fabric that is rich in purple shades.

28. Create a Perfect Reading Nook

A bookshelf with a love chair can help create a comfortable reading corner from your bed. The best part is that it offers a suitable place to put more cushions.

29. Dress Your Windows

This is the easiest way to add a purple color to your bedroom. In order to achieve this, you can use window treatments, like blinds and curtains.

30. Purple Swirls

Incorporate fun swirls to make your purple bedroom look ultra-mod. Wallpaper can be a perfect way to play around with patterns, regardless of whether the space is small or big.

Concluding Remarks!

The kind of color scheme you go for can be somehow revealing. But according to many interior designers, homeowners who decorate their bedrooms with purple end up with more intimate, welcoming, and cozier rooms.