5 Simple Do it Yourself Maintenance for Your Furnace


What is the significance of a furnace in our lives? To those living somewhere cold, a furnace is a big help in keeping ourselves warm and comfy during the cold nights and sometimes during rather cold days. If anything is precious when it’s freezing, it’s the furnace, and so we need to keep it well maintained to prolong its life.

To be able to prolong the life of our furnaces, and at the same time not spend too much in keeping it well maintained, it is up to us to do the simple things to keep it working well. If not then we won’t have a choice but to call for furnace repair Cypress Texas service every time we need something simple done such as the none complicated ones.

To help you in maintaining your furnace and keeping it well and functioning without spending too much cash, we will present some maintenance tips you can do easily on your own.

Flue Pipe

It should be easy to do since you only have to inspect the exhaust pipe for any carbon monoxide leakages. It is also advised that you pay attention to the part of the tube that connects to the surface. And aside from that, we encourage you to adjust the barometric damper of the pipe too.


It is a must that you regularly check for the oil filter and to replace it when it gets too old. A functional oil filter prevents clogging, and it also hinders tiny impurities from going in. It is essential to avoid clogging too because it can cause a fire. Plus, make sure to dispose of the screen properly since it is typically hazardous because of its old purpose. Do note that there’s also another filter, the air filter. It is an essential part of the furnace since it filters the air so you can always breathe fresh and safe atmosphere. You don’t have to change often, but you must still change it whenever it looks worn and too dirty.

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Now, this is also quite easy, and it helps for better efficiency of your burner. In here, you have to make sure that the burner’s gate gets changed to what is suited for just the right amount of fuel to be used and released in the air.

Combustion Chamber

It is a little bit tricky but easy as long as you stick with these instructions. A combustion chamber of a furnace is where fuel gets mixed with air to create fire and generate heat afterward. It is given that it will build up soot, water, and carbon dioxide since it is the job. Now the task is simple, but, it is essential for you to follow the instruction as you can damage your furnace if you are not careful. Using a small wire brush, not anything stronger or more significant, you need to make sure to scrape out these elements carefully.

Floor Vents

Last but not least are the floor vents for if it’s untidy or clogged, air won’t be able to pass correctly. And the room or you, won’t receive the much same heat, and not only does not cleaning your furnace degrade its usefulness but it will also cause your furnace to lose efficiency and cause problems.

If you have questions or trouble relating to your furnace, visit our office so we can help you out.