How to Dress Up the Bay Windows in Your Home


If you’ve just invested in a professional service to spruce up your home windows, like Renewal by Andersen window replacement, you’re going to want to find new ways to show it off. When looking for ways to prep your windows, there’s nothing like a bay window to get things started. The bay window’s natural beauty makes it easy to decorate, and also extremely easy to over-do when it comes to styling and dressing up. To find the perfect treatment to give your bay window without going overboard, keep reading.

Less is More

One thing to take into account when decorating your bay window is that most of the work has already been done for you. Even a naked bay window is a beautiful thing to look at, considering its architectural beauty and the way it brings light into a room through Sliding Security Doors . However, that doesn’t mean you won’t want to customize your home and fully make it your own. The first thing you need to do is figure just how much dressing you want to give your window. Do you want more light in the room or less? Do you want the window to reflect a sense of cozy solitude or social gaiety? Are you thinking about having guests over, or are you mostly keeping this room to yourself? Thinking about how you want your window to be seen from the inside as well as the outside will help you start finding your style.

Take It in Pieces

A bay window’s sectional windowpanes are one of its defining qualities. They also make it extremely hard for you to use drapes or control how much light comes in and out of the room. This doesn’t have to be a disaster: Investing in a specially-fitted curtain rod will allow you to install drapes and curtains in sections, one for each windowpane. If you’re trying to get a certain amount of light in or keep some light out, you can use these sectional curtains to achieve your desired effect. Even if you’re not thinking about curtains and would rather have high-hanging valances, going the extra mile to get a customized curtain rod will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

Don’t Skimp on Color

Color is your friend when it comes to decorating your bay window. It can also very easily be your enemy if you’re using it to blot out or overwhelm the window’s natural effect. Before deciding on a color scheme for the room, consider the quality of the light through different parts of the day. Neutral tones are always a safe bet, and picking light blues and yellows for your curtains, furniture, and wallpaper will help you maximize light without letting things get too glaring and bright in the room.

Rearrange for Effect

Whether you plan on using furniture near your window or keeping it separate, taking the time to rearrange your rugs, pillows, and furniture to try to shift the feel of the room is always a good way to get your thinking more creatively. Try placing a table near your window, or a statement piece like a small rug. Changing things around frequently can help inspire you to try new and bolder things when decorating your window through the seasons.