Purchase The High-Quality Waterhog Drainable Border Mats!


Flooring addition is mandatory for business environments because it makes the workplace welcoming and pleasant. It also attracts dirt, dust, and shoes’ grime to maintain the cleanliness of the floor. When speaking about commercial floor matting, you have tons of options to explore.

But, WaterHog Drainable Border mats are the best choice. It is especially suitable for outdoor use because it stops the water, sand and dirt before entering your building. Business owners can put this mat outdoor without any cover. Are you very curious to know much about this floor mat? Keep reading the following section.

Features of Waterhog drainable border mat 

Waterhog mats are the most popular brand for entrance mats. These mats are well known for their ease of cleaning, toughness and durability. It brings the strength of the industrial mat along with modern and pleasing designs. WaterHog Drainable Border mat is a perfect option for exposing the outdoor location because it is very tough to handle snow, sunlight and rain.

Since it is rugged and handles all the harsh elements, it is a perfect option for outdoor areas. The waffle-like surface scrapes shoes clean of water and dirt. So, you can keep your place dirt-free all the time. This mat surface is made out of anti-static and polypropylene. It dries instantly and does not fade. You can use the extraction cleaning, vacuum, and dry method to clean the mats thoroughly.

Give a professional look to your business 

Did you know that you can improve your brand image and professionalism using the WaterHog Drainable Border? Since mats are the vital part of any business, it should be eye-pleasing and functional. Unfortunately, many people think that mats serve their basic function of letting the visitors wipe their feet. But, it does many things beyond that.

It serves well to maximize the brand image and professionalism. In addition, it improves safety and promotes cleanliness. Waterhog mats assist with moisture, and thus it becomes a dependable choice and fits all businesses.

It gives an excellent first impression for those who enter the building. So, you do not spend anything extra to promote your brand. Within a single investment, you will protect your building from accidents such as slips and falls and improve your brand awareness. It brings more customers to your firm and enhances your sales tremendously.

What to consider 

When buying Waterhog mats for the first time, it is mandatory to look at these factors. It helps you to obtain the right mat suitable for your company by all means.

  • Firstly, check out the size suitable for your building. Never go with too large or too small mats, as it ruins the brand image greatly. Opt for the right size and imprint the messages you want.
  • Next, look for the shape and style. You will find this mat in rectangular, oval, and much more. Likewise, huge styles of mats are accessible in the ground. Pick up something that fits your business’s decorative themes and visual design.