Using Nature to Increase Property Value


The title of this article might seem a little perplexing to some. What do we mean by using nature to add value? It is well known that a property with magnificent views of stunning nature is one of the surest things to hike a property’s value. It is also well known that a well-kept front lawn or back yard is a definite property booster. However, there are many ways beyond this which can see some use of the surrounding nature to add value. Sometimes, though, you need to make it happen yourself, as it is likely that any given property will have a range of natural assets just waiting to be creatively exploited.

And this is far from something that only applies to rural or suburban properties. The creative use of nature is perfectly possible even with properties located bang smack in the center of a city. Real estate brokerage City Home Collective Salt Lake City, say that, beyond even community amenities like tennis courts and swimming pools, buyers are most interested in some sort of natural connection to the property. In a city, this can be something like proximity to nearby parks or lakes, or maybe even a view of surrounding mountains.

What Can You Do?

But, just to take the two aforementioned examples, what can you actually do to bring such things about, to add this “natural” aspect to your property? Well, you obviously cannot move mountains! Nevertheless, consider that perhaps some stunning view is being obscured by some trees by a window on your property? Here you can definitely make some changes.

And there are many more things that you can do to add more of a natural appeal. Did you know, for example,that property experts estimate that a front door can potentially add or subtract thousands of dollars from a property’s value?Why not garland that front porch with a range of strategically planted flowers or cut away some hedges along your garden path to open some more natural space? This is precisely what is meant by “using nature”.

Top Ways to Use Nature to Add Value

So, as it happens, you actually have a lot of power in your hands when making changes to a property to boost its natural appeal. Here are a handful of further suggestions:

Natural Light

And what about the source of all nature itself, the sun? Natural light is the best way to light a room during the daytime and invariably gives an impression of spaciousness and calm. If your home catches the sunrise or the sunset, why not install some wide windows at these parts of the property to make the best use of this as you can?

The Front Lawn

The front lawn is one of the first impressions your home will make on a viewer. You should aim not to have it overly manicured as this can actually give a slightly artificial feel. Instead, fill the lawn with a diverse array of flowers, transplant some strategically placed trees, and get that shrubbery looking fine.

Fresh Air

You cannot control the air quality of the place where your property is located, but you can control how it gets in and around your home. Why not install plenty of vents for the summer time and wide doors that can be thrown open to stop things getting stuffy?

Ultimately, these are only some suggestions to get you thinking. Nature is massive and nature is abundant – and you can probably think of several ways to get it working for you.