What to Look for a Cleaning Service


Choosing a commercial cleaning service is often considered an easy task, but in reality it is not. Ask those who are cleaning shopping malls and you will understand how difficult this job is.

The appearance of an object is very important and decides how well it will flourish, regardless of the type of object. Whether it’s a small retail outlet, a supermarket, or a hospital, if it’s dirty it will make a bad impression on customers and they probably won’t come back. You should select the appropriate cleaning service based on the requirements of the property.

The professional part time house cleaning service industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that offers a variety of services for small, medium and large businesses. Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding which service is best for you:

1) Size

The size of the property and the type of business in which it is located are decisive factors. If you need a service for multiple locations, there will be a different package for you.

2) Surface type and frequency

Other factors to consider are the surfaces to be cleaned in your facility and the frequency of maintenance.

3) Budget

Budget is the main factor in determining which type of service is right for you.

Once you understand the three factors above, write down everything that comes to mind.

Basic cleaning is required everywhere, from shops to warehouses. However, the process will be different for different surfaces, such as ceramic, concrete or carpet. Even windows should be cleaned regularly, and if it is a hospital, special attention should be paid to their cleanliness and hygiene.

The following questions will help you when choosing a commercial cleaning service provider:

  • Ask what they specialize in
  • Are you a franchisee and offer your services in multiple locations?
  • Do they have enough manpower?
  • Do they have enough experience?
  • What tools and products are used?
  • Ask for a list of their existing clients and find out if they have worked with companies like yours in the past or not.
  • Ask for recommendations, if you are given at least 3 reviews, the company is quite confident in itself.

Also pay attention to the following before making your final decision:

  • Do you have liability insurance?
  • Is there compensation for workers?
  • Are you using the right cleaning agents for the various surfaces?

Ask them for a checklist, which will be duly signed by management, so that payment is made only for the cleaning service you are satisfied with. Also check with them about their payment and cancellation policies.

Take advantage of the information provided here and you can easily choose a commercial cleaning service provider. Take your time, but make the right decision, because your business is at stake, and the wrong decision can ruin your experience.