Why DIY Chimney Cleaning And Repair is Dangerous?


Over the last few years, the DIY trend snowballed into a global craze. Yes, DIY has been steadily securing its place. Of course, DIY has many positive sides but, it can also be downright dangerous for people who are not trained. There are certain jobs that need professional assistance and chimney cleaning is one of them. 

If you are one among the many Americans planning to inspect and clean your chimney in order to save money, be aware that chimney cleaning is not a DIY job! In fact, The National Fire Protection Association insists that chimneys, fireplaces, and vents must be inspected and cleaned by qualified chimney cleaning companies.   Take a look at these reasons why DIY chimney cleaning is a bad idea. 

There is no room for error 

This is one of the significant reasons why DIY chimney cleaning is really a bad idea. 21,000 chimney fires happen annually in the U.S. and the major cause is the buildup of creosote. While you may be able to spot creosote, cleaning the chimney to allow for maximum safety is the major factor. Yes, even a small patch of creosote can catch fire and result in devastating effects.  

A professional chimney sweep in St Louis company not only knows how to remove the creosote build-up from the chimney but also pay attention to every detail of the fireplace to check for any potential issues that could lead to catastrophe. 

The right tools and knowledge 

Every job requires the right tools and expertise to complete it successfully, and a chimney cleaning St Louis MO company has them. Certified chimney company will have the right tools and knowledge to clean the entire chimney and fireplaces of accelerants that can lead to a chimney fire. 

Another major factor that contributes to chimney fires is damaged flue liners.  Chimney sweep companies know how to repair or replace the damaged chimney liners.  It should be done by a professional with years of experience not by someone who is inspired by the DIY blogs and YouTube videos without proper knowledge and tools. 

Slips and falls 

While you may not think about it, many dangers are associated with chimneys. You may have heard horror stories of people getting stuck in the chimney and falling from the roof. Those stories are not just myths to frighten you. It happens when they try to explore or clean the chimney. Yes, many homeowners who attempt to clean their chimneys end up falling from the roof with sustained injuries or found themselves stuck in the fireplace. 

There are many spring and fall cleaning jobs that you can enjoy by doing yourself. But, chimney cleaning is definitely not one of them as it is dangerous and can lead to physical injuries and ailments. Whether it is chimney cleaning or air duct cleaning in St Louis; contact the professional chimney cleaning companies in St Louis.