4 Indicators You Need a New Furnace in Your Home


Nothing lasts forever. When your furnace keeps on breaking down every time even after repairs, it may be a sign that you need a new one. A furnace is supposed to heat your home efficiently during the cold months to ensure your family’s comfort. But when it gets inefficient and doesn’t provide the much-needed warmth, it is a cause of worry for everyone.

One of the hardest decisions to make is whether your furnace needs a repair or a replacement. But worry not. This guide looks into the common signs that you need a new furnace to help you make an informed choice.

The furnace is more than 15years old.

According to Air Makers furnace experts, a quality furnace should last for around 15-20years depending on the use. The good thing is that many homeowners only use the furnace during the winter season. But there is no such thing as the furnace never dies. Since there is no way to know the unit’s expiration date in advance, the only thing you can do is exercise caution as it enters the final quarter of its life.

That means scheduling inspections from time to time and keeping it in good condition. Otherwise, it would be unwise to replace a fully efficient furnace just becasue it is old. But if it has lots of performance issues, a replacement is the best option.

Significantly high heating costs

The furnace is one of the appliances that consume the most heat in your home. The efficiency level of the furnace directly impacts your energy costs. Ensure you evaluate your energy costs during the winter to compare the rates. For instance, if you incur more heating costs this year than the last years, your furnace is becoming less efficient. It could be that your furnace requires attention. A well-maintained furnace is efficient. The energy inefficiency is reason enough to seek furnace installation in Toronto.

The furnace doesn’t deliver enough warmth.

Another reason to replace your home furnace is if it is not delivering enough heat or too low heat to warm your home. However, you cannot rule out the possibility of other problems. The problem could be a malfunctioning thermostat or newly formed air leaks. You can have an experienced technician inspect your furnace. In the absence of any explainable causes, you cannot push your furnace to overwork, and you may have to install a new one. Uneven heating can also be a result of an outdated furnace.

The furnace produces dirty air even after cleaning.

An increasing amount of dust and airborne pollutants in your home is a sign of a dirty furnace. However, if you notice a significant amount of dirty air even after cleaning your furnace, you may have to replace it for your family’s health. It could be that the furnace is not functioning well in removing particles from the air. So check the furnace, have it professionally cleaned, and if that doesn’t work even after changing the air filter, start looking for a new furnace.

The bottom line

Several issues can cause the failure of your furnace. However, if the repair costs are significantly high, probably more than half of getting a new unit, it is better to replace it altogether.