How to become a construction estimator


For a construction company to become successful, they must be able to complete projects on time, make their customers happy and turn a profit. To do this they must calculate the costs of construction accurately. This is where a construction estimator comes in.

What is a construction estimator?

A construction estimator is the person in charge of calculating the direct and indirect costs associated with a construction project. They work with engineers, architects, contractors, owners and builders to understand the scope of work to be done, the materials to be used, the equipment needed and any special requirements of the project. With this information and their expert knowledge, they create a quote, budget or bid for the building project.


There are some skills that can be learnt through study, there are some that you must have a natural affinity to and some come with experience. Such as, attention to detail, good communication, being analytical and the ability to be steadfast in your findings under pressure are all qualities that can be improved on, but the skills are more natural. Having a great grasp of mathematics, an ability to assess the construction site, creating quantity takeoffs and to read blueprints and documents can be learned through vocational training. However, nothing accounts for the experience years in the construction industry can give.

Benefits of software

Although, even with years of experience, performing a construction estimation is time-consuming. Your part. from the planning stage through to the beginning of construction can take months to years to complete. There are many steps, and components, in a construction project and every single one must be considered and calculated. So many steps that error is hard to avoid. That is where construction estimating software comes in. So, if you really want to know how to become a construction estimator, then start with construction estimating and management software; begin your career the smart way.

With construction estimating and management software you can be a better, more accurate and quicker, estimator. It can read from the blueprints, perform quantity take offs 80% quicker, has imbedded price lists, images can be added and it can produce fast, accurate and professional reports.

Your construction estimating software solution can’t go onsite and assess the grounds for you but with a mobile app it can come with you, allowing you to upload information direct and not having to wait until you get back to the office and hopefully not forget anything. The software can’t do everything for you but what it can’t perform, it makes it easier for you to accomplish.

In summary

Within the construction industry a good, reliable, accurate and professional construction estimator is invaluable and can make a great career choice. Whether you are a beginner in the construction and building industry or an old hat at construction estimating, you can’t go wrong with a good construction estimating and management software solution. Start building your reputation as a fast, reliable, honest and professional construction estimator with construction estimating software today.