6 Easy Ways To Maximize Your Kitchen Space


It is safe to say that the kitchen is the most-used area in any household. Family members do all sorts of stuff here, leaving it dirty until someone can clean it.

However, the thing is, no one might have enough time to clean the kitchen thoroughly, allowing germs to permeate the area. Along with this, no one might be able to organize the kitchen or even think of doing it because of their busy schedule.

According to Maid Sailors, an NYC Cleaning Service company – kitchen is an important part of our daily routine at home. Making sure that its sparkling clean and organized should be on top our priority.

Maximizing the kitchen space might not even cross a house mom’s mind for all the tasks they need to perform throughout the day. As a result, this leaves the kitchen with a lot of wasted space and disorder.

Here are six easy ways to maximize your kitchen space:

1. Throw away what needs to be thrown away.

The first thing you want to do is declutter the kitchen space to see what’s worth keeping and what has to go.

  • Get rid of all unnecessary things and food items in your kitchen.
  • Open the pantry or fridge for any stale, spoiled, or expired food.
  • Check if your cabinets have empty bottles, dirty gloves, or broken utensils.

Doing this will leave you with more usable space for other kitchen items.

2. Use a cutlery tray when storing utensils.

Cutlery trays are a perfect way to organize kitchen utensils and avoid incidents involving sharp objects. Digging through a jumble of silverware can be time-consuming; hence it would be much more convenient if the same tools were together.

Placing all your knives in one section also reduces the chance of unwanted incidents like cuts and bleeding, which you could get from different types of utensils when they are mixed together.

3. Use risers to get more space under them.

The kitchen can be an area of wasted vertical space, but hey —it does not have to! Risers are so helpful in maximizing the space above kitchen items without making it an eyesore. Place it on top of jars, canisters, or boxed food items, and see how it changes the game for you.

4. Install a pot rack and hooks to hang mugs.

Placing pots on top of each other makes your kitchen look less attractive. You must lift and remove other pans before getting the one you need when cooking.

Utilize the space available above your sink or base cabinets by installing racks to which you can hang your pots.

Do the same with mugs by inserting sturdy hooks under a shelf or kitchen cabinet, and you will never think of coming back to how you stored them before.

5. Attach your dish rack to the wall.

Mounting a dish rack to the wall has two life-changing benefits. First, it will free more space on the counter for the kitchen preparations one does. And second, it allows for faster dripping and air-drying.

Aside from this, using one is more hygienic as it does not store the excess water falling off from plates, bowls, etc., like traditional dish racks you place on countertops. One can quickly get rid of the drips under it by wiping them with a cloth.

6. Make use of the space behind your cabinet doors.

Even your cabinet doors can help maximize your kitchen space. One could install sturdy hooks on them to hang pots, pans, tongs, or any cooking spoon with a hole in its handle.

You could also attach slim racks behind your cabinet doors to store lids, chopping boards, baking trays, etc., and prevent them from being scattered all around the place. This space-saving technique can spare you from forgetting where you put your kitchen essentials and make them neatly arranged at the same time.

The kitchen being the most-used area at home does not mean one could leave it messy and disorganized. It must be a clean area where food products are free from contamination, and kitchen tools are properly arranged.

To Sum It Up

It is difficult to locate the tools you need when they are disorganized, so it is important to store them mindfully.

These six ways will lessen the pain and eyesore your kitchen area might have become. Doing things in the kitchen will never be as convenient as if you try them. And passing by it will never be a pleasure if you stay in your old ways of ‘organizing’ your stuff.

The kitchen should be like the living room, bedroom, or anywhere you would love to spend your time at home. It does not have to be just the place where someone prepares ingredients, cooks meals, or where the whole family eats.

It can be where you read a book or enjoy conversations because its environment feels fresh, neat, and spacious.

The good thing is that anyone can achieve this with minimal effort. By trying out the six simple ways stated above, one can elevate their kitchen in no time.