A Complete Guide for Campus Housing


When students choose a college or university, they choose more than the school – the housing. For most, campus housing is a place they will call home in the next four academic years.

However, campus housing has greatly changed for the better in the past few years, and student housing York University is no exception.

In most cases, this means suite-style living and private rooms. But on-campus housing amenities differ from one school to another.

Student Responsibilities and Rights

Your apartment community or York University residence offers a conducive atmosphere for studies, personal growth, and social interaction.

Residential programs in universities and colleges endeavor to enrich students educationally, culturally, and socially.

As the apartment community or residence hall member, you will have certain responsibilities and rights. Some of these include:

Right to directly influence or formulate policies affecting you through participation in a floor meeting. Freedom from discrimination based on gender identity, disability, religion, nationality, race, sex, and ethnicity. Right to stay in a well-maintained, clean, and safe facility. You are liable for your own actions. You can directly take part in a community meeting.

Maintenance and Facilities

The office of facility management and residential services on campus aims to promptly respond to facility concerns and maintenance within residence halls, including York University housing.

Facilities staff members help complete work orders, respond to emergencies, and clean common areas. Residential staff also help communicate with students living on campus when it comes to maintenance projects.

Sublet vs. Lease

Leases are legally binding contracts between renters and landlords. It normally specifies the contracts’ terms. Usually, the minimum term for contractors is around one year.

On the other hand, sublet is when renters decide to rent out the properties they already rented, of course with the landlord’s permission.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of contracts. So make sure you choose one which is suitable for you.

Campus Housing and Guests

Students living on campus are allowed to host non-university-student guests in their rooms. Whether you prefer housing York University or on-campus housing options, guests will only be permitted through invitation, with express permission from your roommate.

Non-student guests will need to show their government-issued ID, and student guests are expected to present their ‘Cane Card’ by request or upon entering the building.

Support Animals on Campus

Many community living and campus housing offices have established policies concerning support animals to live with disabled students.

By being mindful of student residents’ safety and health concerns, campus residences are willing to accommodate persons with different disabilities who need assistance and support animals.

The service of support animals should be approved and documented by the school, and students with disabilities are guided in documenting their requests for housing.

Every request is carefully evaluated, considering the concerns of the university & other students and the requirements of the person.

Final Touches!

In most cases, college and university are the first time many students stay away from their family or parents. Making the best decision regarding where to stay and the kind of student housing York University to move into is important in ensuring a great and successful transition on campus.