9 Warning Signs That Scream Your Home Needs Foundation Repair


Your home’s foundation should be maintained sturdy and damage-free — literally and figuratively speaking. In this article, however, we’re tackling the importance of the former. When a much-needed Foundation Repair, Egg Harbor City, New Jersey is not done immediately, it can lead to significantly costly home repairs in the future.

But how will you know if your house’s foundation needs to be fixed? Here are nine warning signs you need to be aware of.

Visible wall cracks. Having cracks — either in your exterior or interior walls or both — is perhaps the most common sign of foundation damage. While smaller cracks may not indicate a structural problem, seeing a deep vertical or zig-zag line should give you a hint that you’ve got issues on your foundation.

Wrinkling wallpaper or poster. Because of cracked walls and shifting floors, you would notice that your wallpaper or poster can be ripped apart or wrinkled. This common sign of a foundation problem is one you shouldn’t ignore — it could indicate the damage in your home’s foundation is already severe.

Stuck-out windows and doors. Over time, your home’s foundation goes through the process of natural wear and tear. Once it starts to settle or sink, the gravitational force can also weigh down on your windows and doors. As a result, you will notice that these portions of your home will often stick out.

Huge crown molding-and-ceiling gap. How will you know if you need a foundation repair, Egg Harbor City, New Jersey? Another tell-tale sign is having a huge gap between the crown molding and the ceiling. Similar to having your windows and doors sticking out, this is a result of your foundation not being able to wear the weight of your home.

Broken or cracked floors. If you have a broken or cracked flooring, it’s highly likely that the foundation beneath it is also cracked. If you’ve got floors that are loose or hollow-sounding, it could mean that the nearby foundation is dipped downward. Either problem, you have to call for a foundation repair expert as soon as possible.

Uneven outdoor steps. Got uneven patio or outdoor steps? It means that you have a potential foundation issue. A problem with your foundation won’t only bring cracks on the floors inside your house (as mentioned above), but on outdoor steps as well.

Standing water. You probably have an issue with your home’s foundation if you see standing water around your home, or when the soil in your home’s exterior is capable of absorbing water properly. This sign, which indicates a water drainage problem, can be attributed to a damaged foundation.

Bowed basement walls. Foundation issues caused by soil expansion often lead to your basement walls bowing in. The change in your soil (expansion, then drying up) can cause your foundation and basement walls to weaken.

Sinking foundation. This is a warning sign that indeed screams you need a foundation repair, Egg Harbor City, New Jersey. Contact an expert once you notice that the ground near your foundation is already sinking.

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