Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays with Painting!


Fall is the perfect season for painting your house. This is because the cooler temperatures make for a better environment for the paint to dry quickly and properly. Also, it is excellent way to get into the holiday spirit. So, consider hiring professional house painters in Toronto before your guests arrive for the holidays to your house.

Paint Colour to Consider For Your Cabinets

The paint colours you choose for your cabinets should complement both your cabinets and the holiday decorations.

  1. For a breezy or relaxing ambiance paint your cabinets in pastel hues.
  2. If you have painted your house with neutral colors, bolder or brighter coloured paints for your cabinets are the right choice.
  3. Consider a darker gray to add subtle contrast to lighter walls
  4. To add warmth and sophistication to your kitchen or bathroom, consider a grey-brown blend
  5. Have white subway tile backsplash? Then painting the cabinets with black or charcoal will complement your house.
  6. White or light gray suits well for the cabinets, if you have a small kitchen or bathroom space.
  7. Do you have an accent wall painted red or burgundy? Look no further than a stunning shade of white or black for painting your cabinets! .

Paint Colours to Consider For Your House

Add Greens and Reds

Add greens or reds to your walls for this holiday season to bring Christmas inside your house. They are not only the traditional colours of Christmas, but also the colours that look great on any type of house.  You can use the brown-berry red and blue-green to accentuate your holiday decor with the help of professional residential painting in Toronto. These colours will warm your home and look fresh all year round.

Make Use of Creamy neutrals

The creamy neutrals like silver-gray, taupe, and winter white paints will brighten up the house, and enhance the décor. Painting your house with any of these colours will serve as a beautiful backdrop for your gold and silver decorations and your holiday tree.

Taupe and Yellow

Painting your house with the warm shades like red, taupe, or yellow is a great choice to make you feel warm this winter! These colours bring spring and summer inside your house. Also, these colours will complement your holiday decorations too.

Final Wrap

Considering condo painting in Toronto before Christmas not only brings festive feeling in, but also it’s a great way to keep the maintenance of your house in check. So, seek the help of professionals. Professional house painters in Toronto will offer quality services that are fully guaranteed.  Along with great suggestions for decor and design choices, they will do minor repairs if needed, and leave your home looking fresh and beautiful.