Ceiling Concealed Duct: An Innovative Cooling System


Air-conditioning is essential during the year, and you may find that your current system just isn’t working as efficiently as you would like. That may be because you are using the wrong cooling system.

There are several options you can choose from when it comes to cooling your home, but you have probably never considered a concealed duct air conditioning unit.

What Is It?

A concealed duct air conditioning unit is placed inside the roof and pumps cool air into all the rooms below. You can rearrange each of these ducts so that the air conditioning affects a series of rooms of your choosing.

The main reason why people use this type of cooling system is that it remains hidden while still being a productive machine. Furthermore, keeping your device out of the way reduces the chances that it will become obstructed by everyday debris.

Why Use It?

As you can see, keeping a concealed duct air conditioning unit is a great way to experience an unobstructed cooling system. However, there are other benefits to using this type of device.

For starters, the ceiling concealed duct is hidden away from sight. This means that you will no longer have to live with an eyesore sitting in your living space. Secondly, these devices allow you to clean and decorate your living space as you see fit. There is no longer any need to work around such a cumbersome machine. Therefore, you can still receive a cool breeze without having to sacrifice some of your precious living space.

Is It Effective?

A common question surrounding this type of cooling system is what do you need to sacrifice to receive some of these benefits? It is rare for something to work consistently without issue, and a concealed ceiling duct seems ripe for disappointment.

However, this device will not only work just as well as a regular air conditioning unit, but it will also perform much better. The designers of this type of cooling system understood that concealing the device in another part of the house was going to restrict its performance. As a result, they had to work hard to ensure that the people who bought this device didn’t compromise on quality. Therefore, these types of air conditioners a built to be as effective as possible.

How Long Will It Last?

One of the best reasons to invest in this type of cooling system is that these machines are likely to last you a lot longer than a regular air conditioning unit. A standard concealed ceiling duct air conditioner is estimated to last up to twenty years, whereas a standard unit only lasts about fifteen years.

The main reason for this longevity is that the device is kept out of reach and is unlikely to encounter damage as result. Keep on top of machine maintenance and you may find that your concealed ceiling duct air conditioner lasts much longer than expected.


You should now have a good idea about what a concealed ceiling duct air conditioner can do and why you should have one. This innovative cooling system isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so make sure you consider it the next time you need your home cooled.