Useful Tips when using Construction Estimating Software


The best thing to happen to small builders and contractors is construction estimating software. It will streamline business processes and produce cost estimates or quantity takeoffs 80% quicker than doing them by hand, they will be more accurate and win you more bids. Using construction estimating software is the first step in standing out from your competitors and here, we will give you a few tips on getting the best out of your construction estimating software.

Pictures and graphics

Not many people enjoy staring at a bunch of numbers and words, we are a visual lot and like to see pictures and other graphics to break the numbers and words up. So, with construction estimating software like the Buildxact one you can add graphs or pictures to make them more dynamic and user-friendly. Also, by adding pictures of products then you can be sure that there are no mistakes, or misunderstandings, on which products are being discussed.


Use the templates provided in the construction estimating software you have but customise them. You can add your business logo and give them your own touch. Make them stand out and be unique to you and your company. Remember, you want to stand out from your competitors, not be just like them.


Take full advantage of the abilities of your construction estimating software and integrate as much as you can. For example, Buildxact construction estimating software will allow you to add accounting software, so you are no longer double entering your financial information. You can also integrate with your suppliers so you can get real-time pricing on products.


Another tip is to use your construction estimating software to review your team’s performances. Since it can be used to monitor so many aspects of your business it is the perfect place to garner all the information you need to see where you can improve, where issues arose, and how to avoid them in the future.


Our greatest tip is to use a reputable company that offers great customer service, a 14-day free trial, a demonstration of their product, and offer tutorials to help you get the best out of their construction estimating software. The company we recommend to small builders and contractors is Buildxact. Their construction estimating software includes all the features we have mentioned above and much more. Take advantage of all Buildxact offers in their construction estimating software and watch a few of their tutorial videos, ask questions, customise the templates, and build your business with Buildxact.

If you realise the benefits of using construction estimating software on your building business, then we hope you also realise the impact our tips can have on getting the best out of the system you use. Contact Buildxact to book a demo, to start your 14-day free trial, or to get expert advice. When you get the best out of your construction estimating software, you get the best outcome for you, your team, and your building or contracting business.