Innovations in Packaging


Innovations in materials and machinery play a pivotal role in ensuring the secure and efficient transportation of goods. This article explores three key components in this process: pallet shrink wrap, pallet wrapping film, and the cutting-edge Neleo Orbital Wrapping Machines. Each of these elements contributes to the optimization of packaging, safeguarding products and streamlining the shipping process.

1. Pallet Shrink Wrap:

Pallet shrink wrap, also known as stretch film, is a crucial component in the packaging industry. It is a versatile and cost-effective solution for securing and stabilizing palletized loads during transportation. The primary function of pallet shrink wrap is to apply tension to the load, holding the products together and preventing them from shifting or falling during transit.

Key Features of Pallet Shrink Wrap:

  • Film Thickness: Pallet shrink wrap comes in various thicknesses, allowing for customization based on the weight and size of the load. Thicker films provide added strength and protection, while thinner films are suitable for lighter loads.
  • Stretchability: The stretchability of shrink wrap is essential for achieving a tight and secure fit around the palletized load. This feature ensures that the film conforms to the contours of the products, creating a unified and stable shipment.
  • Transparency: Many shrink wrap films are transparent, enabling easy identification of products without the need for unwrapping. This transparency is beneficial for inventory management and visual inspection of goods.

Resistance to Punctures and Tears: Pallet shrink wrap is designed to resist punctures and tears, safeguarding the products from external elements and potential damage during transit.

2. Pallet Wrapping Film:

Pallet wrapping film, the material used for shrink wrap, has witnessed significant advancements to enhance protective capabilities and overall efficiency. Modern pallet wrapping films are engineered to address specific challenges in the shipping process, providing not only stability but also protection against environmental factors.

Advancements in Pallet Wrapping Film:

  • UV Resistance: UV-resistant films protect the palletized load from the harmful effects of sunlight during outdoor storage or transit. This feature prevents degradation and ensures that the products reach their destination in optimal condition.
  • High-Tack Formulations: Some films incorporate high-tack additives, improving adhesion to the products and further securing the load. This is particularly beneficial for irregularly shaped items or those with challenging packaging requirements.
  • Pre-Stretched Films: Pre-stretched films are designed to optimize material usage. The pre-stretching process during manufacturing reduces the amount of film needed per pallet while maintaining load integrity and minimizing waste.

2. Neleo Orbital Wrapping Machines:

Neleo Orbital Wrapping Machines represent a leap forward in packaging technology. These machines use an orbital wrapping technique, rotating around a stationary load and applying the wrapping material in a precise and controlled manner. Neleo Orbital Wrapping Machines offer several advantages in terms of speed, efficiency, and material optimization.

Key Features of Neleo Orbital Wrapping Machines:

  • Speed and Efficiency: Neleo Orbital Wrapping Machines are known for their speed and efficiency. The orbital wrapper completes a full rotation around the palletized load in a continuous and controlled manner, significantly reducing wrapping time compared to manual methods.
  • Material Optimization: The orbital wrapping process optimizes the use of wrapping material. The controlled and consistent application of the material ensures uniform coverage, minimizing waste and reducing overall packaging costs.


The integration of pallet shrink wrap, advanced pallet wrapping film, and Neleo Orbital Wrapping Machines represents a synergy of innovations in packaging. Pallet shrink wrap provides essential stability and protection, while advancements in pallet wrapping film enhance efficiency and address specific challenges. Neleo Orbital Wrapping Machines, with their precision and speed, revolutionize the packaging process, ensuring that products reach their destination securely and in optimal condition. As the packaging industry continues to evolve, these innovations play a crucial role in meeting the demands of an ever-changing logistics landscape.