Keep Your Landscape in Great Shape with Proper Maintenance


A good looking landscape can be aesthetically pleasing and inviting. However, maintenance is the key to make your garden look fresh and bright throughout the year. When it comes to landscaping, homeowners don’t have time to take care of their lawns due to busy schedules. Lawn maintenance is not rocket science, but it does take time, patience, and the right information.

In fact, there are several ways to design and maintain your landscape without sacrificing your time. Here are a few tips for maintaining your landscape suggested by the best landscapers in Sydney:-

Keep the lawn clean

Although it is an easier job, most homeowners tend to forget or fail to keep their gardens clean and neat. In fact, cleaning the landscape should be done regularly and start of each season so that you can welcome the spring, winter, summer, and fall season with a beautiful landscape.

Grab a rake and remove all the dead grass, fallen leaves and branches, and perennials. By regularly cleaning the lawn, you can get rid of the animal waste and dirt.

Plant the right types of plants and shrubs

Before pulling out those plants in your garden, take time to analyse the weather, light, and soil condition of your place. Certain plants can take care of themselves when they are paired with their desired growing conditions. If you are planning to plant flowers, then ensure to do it in early spring when the weather is ideal. Flowers, shrubs, and trees thrive during the spring season. So, you need to work on those first. On the other hand, when it comes to tender plants and flowers, you need to plant them in colder months so it would grow without any issues. If you want to add some soil or fertiliser, do it in the early spring as well. Mulch the beds that are around the trees after planting.

 Control the weed

Eliminating the weeds is a tiring job. If you want to avoid it, controlling the weeds before they start to grow is the key. You can get a pre-emergent applicator and apply it to the landscape beds as well as to your lawn to control the growth of the weeds. You can also mow the weeds right away and don’t let them grow further instead of using pre-emergent applicator.


Removing the dead leaves and branches from the plants is the key to keep them looking good. However, you need to be careful while pruning as cutting the live plants can easily cause damage to the trees and shrubs. You wouldn’t want to ruin your precious trees, plants, and shrubs, especially if they are old.

Don’t crowd your landscape

Plants that are placed too closely tend to grow poorly due to competition for light, water, and nutrients. The weak plants are susceptible to attack and diseases can spread when an infected leaf comes into contact with a healthy plant. So, ensure there is space between each plant.

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