Signs That Indicate Your Water Heater Needs Repair


Water heaters are the most crucial elements in your house, but it is often ignored. Most of you don’t know that your water heater is going to fail until you get nothing but cold water out of the tap. But, things don’t have to go that extent if you are aware of signs that indicate your water heater needs repair.  No matter if you are using electric or gas water heaters, being aware of these signs can help you avoid water heater failures and expensive repairs.  

Lack of Hot Water

Does it take a long time to get hot water from the tap? Lack of sufficient hot water is one of the most common signs of water heater failure. When the water is heated, minerals in the water get settled at the bottom of the storage tank. As a result, these minerals deposit build-ups in the tank and act as a barrier between the burner and water. The less heat reaches the water, and that is why you get cold or lukewarm water from your shower or tap.  

When mineral deposit build-up, the tank’s work harder than usual to heat the water which will eventually increase the utility bills as well. The heater will leak or cease operation altogether. 

How to solve? Contact the Plumber Toowoomba and schedule annual flushing of your water heater.  

Strange Noise 

Water heater noises are a tell-tale sign of water heater failure. If your water heater is making strange noises, including creaking, popping, or rumbling noises, it is time to call Plumber Toowoomba. Hard water and mineral deposits are also to blame when it comes to water heater sounds. The sound is caused due to the pockets of air in the sediment layer boils with the water in the tank. 

If the heater makes these noises even after the sediment is flushed from the tank, there might be some underlying issue with the heater. The best alternative is to replace the old one with a new heater. 

Rusted Colour Water 

Gas lined water heater experience excessive corrosion, and it can lead to unexpected leaks and ruptures. Does the water look cloudy? Murky water is a sign of a faulty heater. Mineral deposits travel out of the heater and clouds up the water from your taps. The mineral deposits can impact faucets and clogging elements the control of the flow of water. Take a proactive approach by replacing the tanks or pipes before corrosion causes a leak. 

Leaking Tank 

Is your water heater leaking? Corrosion is the culprit that led to cracks in the tank. Leaking water from the tank is a visible sign of troubles and requires replacement of the water heater. 

If you experience any of the signs listed above, contact a plumber. They can quickly repair or replace your water heaters. For gas installations Toowoomba QLD, hire gas fitter in Toowoomba as it is too dangerous to handle by yourself.