A bottle with a carbon filter from Dafi


Filling the filter bottle with tap water is a quick way to „create” by yourself tasty, free from unpleasant odors and impurities, water. A carbon filter contained in it is a an efficient and good product that works so well that filtered water can be given to children without worry. What is its role?

Dafi products

The producer has in the offer many different filter appliances. There are not only filter bottles, but also pitchers and flow filters. In the case of the last ones, we can install them directly on water installations at homes and thanks to that, water from the tap will be cleaner and  healthier. What is more, Dafi has several kinds of filters and each of them is responsible for something different- removes nitrates, removes organic impurities, softens water.

Vacuum containers allow to storage a variety of food (from meat to pasta), and accessories – carafes, fruit squeezers – help us prepare healthy, fresh juice.

A Dafi bottle- the first use

Before we start to test the taste of water from a Dafi bottle, first, we should prepare it properly.

  1. Wash the bottle with dishwashing liquid.
  2. Rinse the filter under running cold water for about 30 seconds. We put it in a bottle.
  3. Rinse the bottle twice – during the last repetition, the water is poured through the mouthpiece in order to activate the carbon contained in the filter.
  4. Wash the mouthpiece and the cover thoroughly – we care for their hygiene.

On the cover, there is an indicator which suggests a filter change day – this should be done every 4 weeks to preserve the fresh and taste of water.

A carbon filter

The filtration process does not involve sterilizing the water and depriving it of precious minerals. Their excess is removed, which leads to the formation of scale on household appliances.

Long- term using of a bottle

The bottle is designed in such a way to fit into a bag or a backpack. It can be taken for camping, where there is no direct access to water. It is very useful for children who do not have to carry extra loads on their backs – they can fill the bottle at school.

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Even long- term using of a bottle does not it work to the disadvantage of its quality. The material can get gently discolored, but it is the only possible „defect”. A well made cap is tight, so we can be calm about storing the bottle together with the phone, notebook and other important items.

For how long does the filter last?

The producer gives detailed data and at the same time informs that if the exchange of a filter  happens with a few days delay, it will not have a significant impact on reducing water quality. Even very chlorinated water will not cause problems for Dafi filters. A filter should last for 500 of fillings. Its capacity is 150 liters, which, with a 0.5 liter bottle, gives about 10 fillings a day.