What is a footstool?


A upholstered footstools is a piece of furniture designed to support the feet of someone who is seated. In other cases, footstool provide support for people who cannot touch the ground with their feet in a seated position, reducing stress on the feet and legs,

The defining characteristic of a footstool is that it tends to be small and small, with a wide, flat top and no sides or backrest. Beyond this, a footstool can take various forms, from a Spartan wooden footstool to a sophisticated upholstered ottoman. The footstool can look like classic stools, but it can also take the form of wedges or blocks, and sometimes a footstool is disguised as something else or used as a multi-function piece of furniture.

In some cases, a stool is hollow with a lid, allowing people to store various objects inside. A stool can also be designed as a small stool, allowing people to use it to reach the upper shelves in a kitchen, for example. Many short cooks maintain a stool in the kitchen for easy access to tall shelves and cabinets, and stools are also used for this purpose in bookstores and libraries, ensuring that customers can reach for materials found in the shelves. high shelves.

In some cases, a footstool to match a chair is sold, especially for armchairs and other chairs designed to rest comfortably. Some footrests are so large that they can even double as expanded seats, as is the case with many ottomans and pads. Footrests can also be used with sofas to provide support and comfort while people rest.

While using a stool may seem lazy, it does have some benefits. They are also very useful in case of leg injuries, as they allow people to elevate the legs to reduce swelling and relieve discomfort.

This option tends to be recognized among the best for helping to reduce stress on the legs, back and neck, through a structure made of metal and plastic. In addition, this model incorporates a platform adjustment system, through the inclination or angles, which can be modified with just the pressure of the foot.

The surface of the footstool has been treated to have textured properties to prevent slipping. It weighs just over a kilo and its dimensions are 49 cm by 30 cm by 4 cm, being compact and portable. Includes rubber on the base to prevent damage to the floor.

For a footstoolto be among the best, it must provide comfort for good posture. Know the details of this model.


Design: It has a practical design in black and silver details, built with metal and plastic.

Portability: Due to its weight of 1.5 kilos and compact measurements, it is practical and portable.

Base: To avoid damage to the floor, it is equipped with two rubbers on the base that prevent direct contact.

Non-slip: The surface material has been treated to be textured and non-slip.


Material: One user stated that it is a model made of plastic that is not very resistant and flimsy.

The desk footstool is a simple product in its appearance but with good quality and resistance in its manufacture, with which to give you the comfort you need when working. For this, this model has a construction with a tilting system that we can adjust to the angle that interests us the most at all times. We also have a textured support surface with a massage effect that prevents the feet from moving from where they should be.

A complete product that is finished with a non-slip base, so you can support your feet without complications. All this in a model that is shipped already assembled, so that you will only have to adjust it to the position that suits you best. And when cleaning it, just wipe it with a damp cloth to remove any dust and dirt that may have accumulated.


Adjustable: This footrest can be adjusted in inclination to the angle that suits you best.

Textured support: The support area of this footstool has a texture of balls that serves to achieve a pleasant massage effect on your feet.

Non- slip: So that you do not have problems with slipping, the product incorporates a non-slip base that does not damage the floor and fixes the footstool.


Materials: The product has been manufactured in ABS plastic and does not have metallic elements, as it happens with other products that we have analyzed.

Depth measurements: The depth measurements, that is, the length, are 33 centimeters compared to 35 centimeters for most of the footstool that we have analyzed