How to choose the best color for your metal roof?


Just like purchasing a new car or painting the walls of your house, choosing the right color for your metal roof can be a hard decision in the complete process. You have already decided that you want to install a metal roof that will protect your house for a lifetime, but what color do you want your metal roof to be to make it look pleasant for that long? There are so many different colors available, but it is important to figure out how to choose the best metal roof color:

Bold and vivid colors

If you want your house to become the talk of the town, then you would need to go with subtle designs. While all metal roofs colors look great, the vibrant colors will make your house stand out in the area. If you want to go with the bold colors, choose the one which matches any accents on your home such as a lively red exterior window shutter or turquoise garage door. No matter what color you choose, remember the roof is built to last. A vibrant rood color will need accents or sidings to match all their lifespan.

Natural colors for natural houses

If your house is made of stone or brick, then you should go for a neutral-toned metal roof. With logs or red brick, green metal roofs can go well. It will complement the style of your home and offer a rustic cabin theme. Choosing natural tones such as greys and browns can make your home beautiful and add royalty to it. Always go for one tone from your natural multi-colored stone house’s exterior and choose a roofing style which balances it well.

Go for styles with pre-set colors

Some of the metal roofing styles boast colors that are distinct to their themes like artificial cedar or terracotta. Your house has the best cultural flair of a Spanish metal roof with its amazing “S” tiles and vibrant orange terracotta roof or the standard American look of a cedar shake roof. While such roofs definitely need higher maintenance, a metal look is just as attractive and will last longer without too much maintenance.

Check some of the examples around

Even with recommendations and second opinions, you may still not feel definitive about picking the right metal roof color. It may be really to envision the best metal roof color for your house, however, looking at the examples around can give you some creative ideas or even speaking with your local metal or aluminium suppliers Melbourne. You can also check the metal roof photo gallery available at AMT Metal Roofing to know about the available colors and styles.

AMT Metal Roofing offers you the best styles and color options for your new metal roofing. It will serve as a forever for your house. For any further help with regards to the selection of style and color, you can contact us today. Our professionals will inspect your property and give you the best recommendations for colors and styles suitable for your roofing needs.