What is the Most Popular Paint Colour for a Kitchen?


Sometimes it all needs a fresh coat of paint to brighten and add life to a kitchen. Yes, no renovation, no construction, just a brush and paint. But, picking the best shades can be really tricky. Whether you love bold colours or want to introduce a new shade to your scheme, check out these best kitchen paint colour schemes. 

Kitchen paint colour ideas 

If you are having trouble finding the perfect shade for your kitchen, it is best to play it safe by choosing hues that are favoured by designers, the majority of homeowners and house painters Sydney

Wall colour, floor colour, cabinet finish, and backsplash colours are the elements that make up the colour scheme of the kitchen. Hence, when deciding on the colours, you must include these things as well. What are good colours for a kitchen? 


While the red kitchen is not everyone’s choice, if you want to add spark and spice, you can’t go wrong with the shades of red. If you have a kitchen with fog-grey stainless steel appliances, it provides a focal point. Red is a versatile colour that can give your kitchen a new look and needed punch if it is used rightly. If you are going to paint your kitchen with red colour, ensure you do it well with the help of a skilled painter Sydney

Warm neutrals 

With enough shade, any colour can be neutral. But, it is just which type of neutral you want. Neutral shades are considered to be boring, but they don’t have to be. If they are paired up with red, yellow, or any other bold hues, neutrals can be warmed up. 


Brown doesn’t always have to be dark. Yes, you can choose a creamy tint that brings warmth to your kitchen. Like whites and greys, brown flatter a wide range of finishes, styles, and textures while still emitting more warmth. If you want to create an inviting kitchen, rich browns are the right shades. 


White is a classy colour that suits any space, especially the kitchen. You can have white cabinets, ceiling, walls, and a counter as well. You can either go white or pair it up with any bold hues to achieve the desired look. 


When you want to brighten up your kitchen, you may think only about white and other shades. But why not yellow? Of course, it is bold, but it can also make your kitchen more sunny and bright. In fact, the house painters in Sydney agree that both dark and light yellow is a winning colour in the kitchen. It will complement most types of kitchen cabinet. 

Most DIY painting projects are not finished in a week, and it can be challenging as well. Your kitchen painting project is one of those. So, forget the DIY and contact a skilled painter in Sydney. Whether you are in need of house painters or commercial painters in Sydney, look no further than Colour Life Painting.