Wish to increase your home value but not your budget? – Porcelain Slab is just for you!


One of the biggest decisions you will have to make while designing your home is selecting your benchtop. Material selection is quite an involving process. You might wish to know all the drawbacks and benefits of a variety of material available in the market today. Hence, we wish to introduce you a material which will tick all the boxes in your perfect benchtop material checklist – SinTerra Porcelain benchtop slabs in Sydney.  

The popularity of this product as a kitchen benchtop material has grown massively recently into our Australian market. This sustainable and environmentally friendly material is not only light in weight but also very durable. Porcelain Slabs have a thin profile which makes it very easy and fast to install. Porcelain Slabs are resistant to high temperature and ultraviolet rays making them suitable to use in the exteriors. Additionally, they are chemical resistant, scratch-resistant and barely get affected by any wear and tear, making it ideal to use as wall cladding or external flooring purposes. Furthermore, due to their non-porous property, they can be used as bathroom flooring or benchtops too. The ability to use such a hard-wearing product in our ambience itself is just so exciting! 

Another compelling feature about this product is the availability of size of these Porcelain Slabs in Sydney is that they are typically 3200 mm in length and 1600 mm in width with the thickness of 6 mm and 12 mm. These magnificent slab sizes provide a flexible approach to the designers to design one-piece Porcelain Benchtop with the most natural character of the stone. This means now you can have a benchtop with fewer cuts and joints. Due it’s typically large size, handling of these Porcelain slabs become less labour intensive and hence cost effective. 

Loving the features but how much does the porcelain slab cost?

Don’t worry as appealing as the features are, Porcelain slab cost is as competitive.  Porcelain slabs at Avant Stone are available in three looks – Marble, stone and metallic having surfaces finish of Matte, honed and polished. Not all the finishes are available in all the slabs, however, some can be arranged on your request. So far Porcelain Slabs in Sydney have remained to be the most competitive in terms of its cost giving the look of a natural stone. 

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