Which Cleaning Jobs Do People Often Forget?


Staying on top of the household chores can be a chore in itself. There is just so much to do to keep a house looking clean. There are some jobs that need to be done every day, such as sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, washing the dishes, etc. and others that can be done sporadically, such as cleaning the carpets or power-washing the patio.

There are some jobs around the home howeverthat many people simply never remember to do. Below are a few examples.

Washing the Drapes or Blinds

For some people, once the drapes have been hung and are positioned how they like them, they are forgotten about and left there until the room is redecorated. It is only upon being taken down do they realize how much dust they have collected. Considering they are placed beside open windows for much of the time, it is not surprising that drapes collect so much dust and dirt.

You can clean your blinds regularly using an old sock. Just run the sock under warm water and squeeze it out. Place it over you hand and run it along each slat. You can then wash the sock and use it again. Drapes can be cleaned in the washing machine on a delicate setting and hung straight up when they come out. They will dry on the windows and the creases will fall out.

Cleaning the Gutters

According to the good folk at Global Gutter Systems, cleaning the gutters is something that most people rarely think about – until they need to call in the experts because of a problem. Rainguard gutters often get clogged with dirt and debris causing blockages. When this happens, rainwater cannot flow through them and instead overflows. If this continues and the water is allowed to pool in the gutter along with the dirt and debris, it can become too heavy and lead to buckling.

It is important to clean guttering a minimum of twice a year. If you do it yourself, you will need to climb on a ladder with a bucket and remove all the dirt. You may want to hire someone to do this for you unless you are confident working on a ladder at height.

Cleaning the Toaster

Some people use their toaster every day;many rely on it for warm crusty bread more than once per day. Something that is often forgotten is that this appliance needs a clean every once in a while. Toasters have a tray underneath to catch crumbs and unless you empty this tray regularly, the crumbs will accumulate.After a while, they will reach the height where they are in contact with the element. This leads to smoking, which will affect the taste of your toast. Annoyingly it can also set off the smoke alarm every time you use the toaster.

Cleaning the toaster should be something that is done every week,but at the very least once a month. All you need to do is remove the tray and empty it and then give the toaster a gentle shake over the trashcan. Make sure it is unplugged from the wall first.

Cleaning the Vacuum Filter

Vacuum cleaners tend to be bagless these days and have a container that needs to be emptied regularly. While this is something that most people do once they see this container filling up, they often forget to clean the filter.

Some filters need to be cleaned monthlywhile others should be done once or twice a year. Cleaning the filter will ensure the vacuum runs smoothly. To clean these filters, you should always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines.