Why you Should Recycle Household Waste with the Use of a Skip


As we begin to feel the effects of increasing levels of pollution, you are going to start hearing even more about the importance of recycling. Recycling is far easier than it used to be with bottle banks and recycling bins on nearly every street corner. Better yet, skip hire companies make the job even more straightforward as they’ll come and take your waste directly from your home.

If you’re not already recycling then it’s time to start. Read on to find out how you can do your part.

The Importance of Recycling

As the population of the earth continues to grow, we are continually adding to the amount of rubbish generated per year. This waste has to go somewhere and the most likely place is at the bottom of a landfill site. This is fine for certain types of waste which have the ability to decompose over time but a lot of what we dispose of will continue to exist for years.

This can be seen first-hand in the amount of plastic that is present within our Oceans and waterways.

How Can I help?

You can do your part by sorting through the items you no longer need into separate categories defined by the type of material. Glass has different recycling requirements to that of paper and plastic has completely different requirements again.

Once you’ve sorted each material into their relevant category, you can then either take them to your local tip or make use of one of the recycling banks you should have nearby.

What About Hiring a Skip?

Hiring a skip to assist you in recycling your waste is a great idea. Your local skip provider will be able to tell you exactly what type and size of skip you will need to dispose of your waste.

This can even include all of your electronic items that no longer work and you can’t find a use for. A special type of small skip is provided in these instances and is perfect for the job.

Better yet, the best skip hire companies out there will even provide you with a discount for pre-sorting your recycling into the appropriate category as it saves them time. These discounts will vary but should go some way to covering the cost of your skip hire.

Further discounts are available for only disposing of certain types of waste such as timber or building rubble as it makes your skip hire company’s job much easier.

How Do I Hire a Skip?

Skip hire contractors operate across the country providing exactly these services. If you’re in the North-East, domestic skip hire in Doncaster and across Yorkshire is possible through any of the local companies operating in the area. Performing a web search or consulting your local directory is sure to yield a suitable company.

You can rest assured in the knowledge that all licensed skip operators are required to dispose of your waste in a responsible manner, helping to keep the environment healthy.