5 Signs You Need to Hire a Plumber to Clean Your Drain


As the saying goes, a clean drain is a happy drain and a comfortable home too. But your drain can get clogged, leading to an array of issues, which can affect your comfort. That’s why ensuring your drain works efficiently and effectively is essential.

So, what are signs that show you should hire a plumber to clean your drain? Let’s find out.

1. The drain has a terrible smell

Have you smelled something fishy or musty coming from your kitchen or bathroom? If so, the unpleasant odor could be coming from your drain. If unsure, stroll over to your drain and carefully sniff it. There could be multiple reasons for the odor. It could be a buildup of dirt, particularly in the drains of your kitchen or bathroom sinks. Paper towels, oils, grease, coffee grinds, and hygiene products are some items that might pile up. The awful stench could be coming from the sewer system.

Engaging a plumber to clear your drains, regardless of the cause, is recommended. Despite what the general public believes, hot water and soap alone won’t eliminate the odor. An LA County drain plumber will need to solve the issue using their knowledge and resources.

2. Standing water

Standing water is terrible. Contact a plumber when you discover standing water in your shower, bathtub, or sink. Standing water in your shower or bathtub is often caused by product buildup from self-care products and hair accumulation. It is most likely an accumulation of food, grease, or other debris if it is in the kitchen sink.

Standing water typically doesn’t give rise to any concern. A professional can fix it to ensure the blockage is entirely removed and to prevent further damage to your pipes.

3. Frequent clogging

You may have noticed problems with the drainage of multiple plumbing fixtures in your home. For instance, the water in your bathtub or kitchen sink takes a long time to drain, your dishwasher appears to overflow when you open it, etc. These all point to a more severe problem. Clogging is a sign of blockage in the main sewer if it has grown frequently in your home. It’s best to let a professional to clear it.

The most crucial thing is not to brush the issue off. If this pattern persists, it may soon cause mold growth in your house, which is a more severe problem. Engage an expert immediately to resolve the issue and restore your drains to optimal performance.

4. Gurgling sound

Even though your drain appears to be operating normally, it sounds like it is gurgling. Strange sounds from the pipes indicate a potential issue that may develop behind the scenes. Water quickly flows past a clog, causing air bubbles to emerge. The gurgling sound is what you hear when these air bubbles cause the sink to drain. These sounds will also disappear when a drain cleaning service removes the clog.

5. Slow moving drain

If the water in your bathtub or sink drains more slowly than usual, there’s probably a clog developing in your drain. Food particles, soap residue, hair, and grease will all accumulate in the pipes over time, causing a blockage.

Failing to clean your drainage pipes might aggravate a slow-moving drain. But in the long run, taking care of the issue as soon as you become aware will save you headaches and money.