How much is basement waterproofing? Prices breakpoint


Exterior basement waterproofing is costlier in comparison to interior basement waterproofing. However, when choosing interior waterproofing, price isn’t the only aspect to consider. Exterior waterproofing is a more feasible option for those looking for a long-term solution. It is different from applying sealants and transparent paints. However, before selecting which method to go for, it is important to assess the benefits and expediency of each:

Foundation depth

The aggregate cost from either of the waterproofing method chosen is majorly impacted by the depth of your foundation. A deeper foundation will need more resources and time. Usually, the depth of a foundation ranges between 5 to 8 ft.

Waterproofing materials

The material used for waterproofing also affects its cost. Whether you need an exterior or interior basement waterproofing solution or simple crack repair, you will have to use the materials accordingly.

Labor and installation

Some installation procedures need longer to finish than others. Exterior basement waterproofing will cost more than interior basement waterproofing because the leaky foundation issues take more labor and time.

Interior basement waterproofing cost Toronto

Interior basement waterproofing comprises materials such as epoxy injections, coatings, membrane along with a drain connected to the sump pump to direct water outside the basement. It is considered to be the most cost-effective method of waterproofing and is done in the situations where reaching the exterior foundation of the house is not rational.

. The best interior waterproofing measure includes using a waterproof membrane along with a drain and sump pump to remove water from the house.

External basement waterproofing cost Toronto

Reconstructing to the extreme depth of the building needs exterior basement waterproofing. Reconstruction is important as it helps in the removal of waste and soil from the ground. Then waterproof membranes are installed to waterproof the basement from the external side. A drain panel then covers this layer and directs water to an exterior drain at the base of the foundation.

The cost of exterior waterproofing Toronto depends on the depth of the trench, ease of access to the foundation and amount of damage. The cost starts at $100 per linear foot.


A wet basement is the best habitat for germs and pathogens to flourish. Depending on the growth of mold and mildew, they can cause a hazardous impact on your health and a bad effect on the house. Apart from these issues, a wet basement in Toronto can transform into a depreciating basement which can rapidly lead to serious structural issues, putting you and your family’s security at stake.

So, now that you are aware of how much does it cost to waterproofing a basement, you can go for it. Getting aware of the expenses makes you prepared from beforehand to handle it. Hire a contractor from Waterproofing PD to inspect your basement and acquire an estimate for your basement waterproofing. They will offer a wide range of services to keep your basement dry while sticking to your budget.