Mark Roemer Oakland Shares Perfect Examples of Solving Your Extra Storage Needs


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, almost every homeowner finds themselves in need of some extra storage space in their home after some time. You buy a few books this week, go on a shopping spree during the festive season and before you know it, every corner of your house is filled with some item or appliance, but you have nowhere to store them. Fortunately, you can solve this issue with clever furnishing options.

The Ways

Here are a few ways you can solve your extra storage needs:

  1. Declutter your house – Most people don’t realize the number of junk items they have in their house. These can include old toys, old garments, broken appliances, and miscellaneous items that serve no purpose in your daily life. And these can clog up a significant portion of the storage space in your cabinets, drawers, and other storage spaces.

Thus, it’s recommended that you sort all the items and appliances in your house and get rid of anything that you don’t use regularly. You can sell the items that are in somewhat usable condition or simply donate them to help the poor. After you declutter your house, you would be amazed to witness how much space you have available in your house.

  1. Purchase furniture that allows you to store more – Invest in custom or specialty furniture that allow you to store items. For instance, you can commission or purchase a storage bed, storage chest, storage ottoman that serve the dual purpose of seating as well as storing items.

If you love DIYing, you can even put your DIY skills to the test to build furniture with hidden storage. For instance, an outdoor garden bench with hidden storage can come in handy. You can even build a workshop tool bench that would allow you to store all your DIY tools in one place.

  1. Focus on the miscellaneous items – The miscellaneous items can take up more space than expected but you can easily solve this problem by storing them in appropriate storage spaces. For instance, you can install a knee-wall dresser in an unused space to store clothing and other valuables.

You can purchase a coat rack to conveniently store full-length coats and long scarves. You can create a wall rack to store jackets and coats. A bath towel keeper would allow you to hang towels and other goodies.

  1. Utilize off-site storage – Sometimes, you simply don’t have enough space in your house to store all the items. And it could take some time to get rid of junk to create more space for the more important items. This usually happens when you have to downsize to a smaller apartment. In such cases, you can rent an off-site storage unit for a few days to handle the problem.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you follow the tips and ideas listed above to solve your extra storage space needs. Remember to also utilize the vertical space in your house to store more products. Wall racks are especially useful for storing light items. Avoid storing heavy items on top to prevent accidents.