The 7 Benefits of New Windows and Doors


Installing new windows and doors can make an attractive upgrade to your home. Not only do you have the ability to choose the design and colour of frame, you can also specify special films and coatings that can reduce the amount of harmful UV rays that can enter your home.

And that’s before we get on to the benefits of increased thermal performance. Read on to find out why you should upgrade if it has been long overdue.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of your home is impacted by what are referred to as U-Values. The external envelope of your property – which includes the external walls and roof structure – are directly responsible for heat loss and retention.

Newer more efficient glazing will feature lower U-Values which can retain more heat to keep your home comfortable.

  • Less Drafts

A draft is simply the ability for outside air to enter your property. It does this by finding its way through the small holes and cracks which are present within any building.

Old leaky window and door frames are likely to be a significant source of drafts so a new glazing system is likely to reduce that wind tunnel effect you often experience.

  • Reduction in Energy Costs

With more efficient windows and less drafts, you should see a dramatic reduction in your heating bills as less energy is being wasted. The more air tight your home, the lower you can turn that thermostat to maintain the same levels of comfort.

  • Ever Desired Bay Windows?

Deciding on window replacement is a great time to change the type of windows you have in your house. The bay window system has always been popular and can increase the value of a home as well as dramatically increase curb appeal. Bay windows in Scotland are common so get in touch with a glazing supplier who has lots of experience in their installation. When installed properly, bay windows can provide enjoyment for years to come.

  • Ease of Operation

Anything that moves is liable to stick and freeze over time. Doors and windows are no exception. If you’re finding that no amount of oiling or lubrication is getting that bathroom window to open and close as it once did then it’s time to upgrade.

  • Sound Insulation

Newer types of glazing such as double and triple can actively cut the amount of external noise that can enter your property. Less noise can only result in a more comfortable living environment.

  • Protect Your Interior

As mentioned, sunlight contains harmful UV rays that can damage not only your skin but your carpet and furniture too. If you’ve ever noticed any fading or discolouration of furniture near a window, it’s probably due to sun damage.

Luckily, special UV resistant coatings are available with the installation of new windows which can reduce the infiltration of these harmful rays by up to 70% without impacting upon the amount of natural light entering your property.

We’re betting that a door and window upgrade is long overdue so reconsider that kitchen extension and invest in some replacement glazing.