Tips From The Rug Source Experts To Help You Find High-Quality Kitchen Rugs!


When you’re on the hunt for new kitchen rugs, you’re going to have to keep a lot of considerations in mind. A lot of people don’t think their kitchens are all that important when it comes to flooring décor, but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Your kitchen is actually an incredibly important part of your home when it comes to rug stability and aesthetics. We’ve teamed up with the Rug Source specialists to develop this article oriented around helping you find high-quality kitchen rugs.

So take it from the Rug Source team in that the following tips will go a long way to help you when it comes to your kitchen rug shopping!

Make Sure Your New Kitchen Rug Coordinates With Your Décor

No matter what type of kitchen rug you’re looking to purchase, you’re going to need to make sure that the new rug blends well with your kitchen’s existing furniture and flooring aesthetics. A good example of this would be to invest in a neutral-colored rug when your kitchen cabinets just so happen to be very bright colors.

Another good idea is to measure a rug’s overall vibrancy as it compares to the tonality of your floors. A lot of people want to brighten up their kitchens with area rugs, which is why many people prefer multicolor kitchen rugs these days.

Another major factor to keep in mind is the kitchen’s size, and how a new rug will properly fit within it. Always be sure to conduct several different measurements so you can narrow down the sizes that’ll fit best for you and your kitchen.

Choose A Rug Material That’ll Meet Your Kitchen’s Needs

Kitchens are always high-traffic household areas, which is why kitchen rugs need to be extremely durable. But of course water from your sink and dishwasher can always spill on these rugs as well, so water-resistance is a key factor to keep in mind with this type of rug shopping as well.

Flatweave area rugs tend to be a popular option for kitchens these days, because they provide a great combination of durability and beauty. Many flatweaves are made from cotton as well, so they’re incredibly soft and can often be cleaned in washing machines when major spills occur.

Wool rugs are also a good option for kitchens due to their comfort and durability. We all like to walk barefoot in our kitchens, and wool rugs provide that extra bit of warmth that’s needed on cold mornings!

Easily Cleanable Rugs Are Also Good Kitchen Options

We all know just how messy kitchens can get on a daily basis, and this typically doesn’t even include the kitchen floors! This is why rug shoppers have to be vigilant when looking for kitchen rugs that are also easy to clean.

One of the biggest trends in the rug industry today is machine-washable area rugs, and this style is a good option for kitchens where you know you’re going to experience spills and messes from time to time. But there are also more traditional area rug styles that’ll work well within kitchens, including runner rugs and other smaller styles that can stand up to heavy foot traffic.

Keep Your Kitchen’s Safety In Mind

Another important kitchen rug shopping tip is making sure your new kitchen rugs are safe on your hardwood or slippery floors. We all know just how easily slips can occur in kitchen areas, and you’ll want to guarantee that your new rugs will decrease the likelihood of falling!

This means you’re going to also need to invest in nonslip rubber backings to go underneath your kitchen rugs. These rug pads will go a long way towards keeping your kitchen rugs in one place, and this subsequently creates a much safer space from slip accidents.

Reach Out To Rug Source Experts When You’re On The Hunt For New Kitchen Rugs!

There are plenty of shopping factors to consider when you’re interested in new kitchen rugs, and the above tips will guide you while you’re narrowing down your top options and coming to final investment decisions.

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