Tips To Clean and Maintain Your Pergolas


Pergola is one of the excellent options to add character and beauty to your outdoor space. Due to the structure and the shade it provides, it attracts many people. Some louvered pergola in Sydney is more decorative compared to functional which makes your space more inviting and cosy. On the other hand, to maintain your pergola, it needs proper care and maintenance. Similar to your house, you need to maintain and upkeep your louvered roof pergola in Sydney for longer life. By maintaining it well, you can get years of comfort and shade. Here we have mentioned a few tips that help you to enhance the appearance of the pergola and increase its lifespan. 

Remove The Dirt And Debris

Whenever required, you need to consider cleaning the dirt and debris from the pergola. After clearing all the furniture under and near the pergola roof system, you can use a high pressure hose to remove the dirt and debris that got accumulated on the pergola. You need to be careful while setting the pressure, so that you don’t damage the materials like thin vinyl covering or delicate wood. 


While cleaning the louvered pergola in Sydney, you can use cleanser or detergent to remove the strains on it. You can use the cleaner on the brush that contains tough bristles that helps to get the grime off. Be gentle to avoid peeling off of the paint on the pergola. You can also buy a pergola cleaning kit to clean your pergola. 

Rinse The Pergola

After cleaning the pergola, you need to rinse it to remove the dirt present in it. You need to check whether your pergola has any stubborn areas that need extra cleaning. 

Remove Mildew And Stains 

You pergola can look dull and old if it gets stains, mildew and mould. So it is recommended to have regular pergola cleaning. By cleaning and maintaining the pergolas regularly can keep them in good shape and gives elegant look throughout the year. 

Repair the Broken Parts

Even though you care them more, unexpected things can happen due to the changes in weather conditions. You have to fix the repairs at the early stage to avoid costly repairs in the future. 

Cooking Areas

You need to take care of the areas where you place your stove if you use to cook under the pergola. You have to clean the spatters, spills and slime abound where you prepare your foods. To clean the surface, you can use any grease cleanser kit. You can also scrub off any discolouration using the same cleaners to maintain your pergola look shimmering and shining. If you clean, maintain and repair your louvered pergola regularly, your outdoor structure will serve you well for years and years to come. If you are unaware of the louvered pergola price in Sydney, visit