What Kind of Fence Does a Goat Need?


If you have experienced the frustration of chasing down a runaway goat, you’ll know that a good fencing is essential to keep them in. In fact, goats are known as escape artists! Installing escape-proof goat fencing is necessary to save yourself from unnecessary hurdles. Goats don’t believe that fences are meant for them, and it is a minor inconvenience for them. They are intelligent and if they found something interesting, they will escape from the fence.  Moreover, the importance of proper rural fencing Perth is not just to keep the goats in, but also keep the predators out. 

Therefore, when you are looking for rural fencing supplies in Perth, invest your money in the solid fence and ensure to provide proper shelter and climbing structures to keep them occupied and happy.

Here are different fencing types that you can choose from to contain your goats. 

Field fencing 

Woven wire or field fencing attached to metal T-posts is the most common type of fencing for goats. It is sturdy and long-lasting if installed properly. A 4ft high field fence may be suitable for miniature goats, but it is not high enough for a bigger one. A strand of electric wire and 10inches off the ground keeps all goats in. 

Cattle and Hog Panels 

It is the cheapest fencing and can be very effective to keep your goats in. While cattle panels are larger and five feet high with six-by-six inch squares, hog panels are only 3ft high with starting at six-by-six at the top and smaller towards the ground. However, both the fences are durable and can be used with hotwire. 


When used properly, the electric fence can be more effective. But, you have to train your goats to electric fencing. It is commonly used in conjunction with other fencing to avoid climbing, jumping, and rubbing. It is relatively cheap and can be set up in a number of ways. Many types are available, so choose the right rural fencing supplies Perth. Electric fencing must have a good grounding system to maintain charge consistency and should be powered enough to deter goats. 


It is the most expensive fencing but is also durable, effective, and easy to install. For small areas, it is a great option, but for big areas, it is not financially suitable for most. 

Goats enjoy breaking down every barrier in front of them. No matter what type of fence you use, ensure it is properly installed and all possible week spots are considered.  Tethering may seem an attractive solution. But, your goats can get into a lot of trouble when they are unsupervised or let tied up. They could tangle up in the line and get injured or choke themselves. Take time and research well to find the right rural fencing supplies and irrigation supplies Perth and install a sturdy, durable, and goat-appropriate fence with goat-proof locks.